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Fly over the snow

Can you imagine to fly 5 meters above the snow for 4 or 5 seconds? Snowkite enthusiasts definitely can, and will happily talk about it if you ask them. Beware though, after hearing their experiences you may want to try. Before you start, be sure that you master the skis or the snowboard. And in only two days, you can learn how to handle the kite and enjoy this exciting sport on your own.

 Photo provided by Kiteloop.

In Catalonia, there are two schools to learn snowkite: Kiteloop and Global-kite. The former offers two kinds of courses, one that they call ‘bautizo’ (baptism) in which you learn to operate the kite; and a two-day course, after which you are ready to snowkite alone.

In snowkite lessons, the first thing you learn is the theory, the basic concepts that rule this adventure sport. Immediately after, you begin to practice the handling of a small kite without your skis or snowboard which hinder the learning process.

 Photo provided by Kiteloop.

Instructors will provide all the necessary information and safety tips. It is also very important to be familiar with the winds where you will fly the kite because each wind blows in a different way.

Although the kite can help you climb a slope, the lessons are held on flat places to facilitate learning. Kites used by experts can measure between 10 to 12 meters (it’s important to take into account the weight of the skier when choosing the size of your kite).

Photo provided by Kiteloop.

The clothing used in snowkite is the same as for skiing or snowboarding. You must bring that with you. However, the kite, the harness and the rest of the safety equipment, are provided by the instructors.

Slowly and with a bit of confidence, your jumps will begin to take shape. Once you master the technique, the rest depends upon your eagerness and your skill with skis or snowboard.


  1. Edu (Català) va dir això el 27 Feb 2013

    Donde dice “Las cometas que usan los expertos pueden llegar a medir 10 o 12 metros de largo . Deberia decir 10 o 12 metros cuadrados.

    Saludos a kiteloop. Pronto nos veremos por el mar.

    • Redacció (Català) va dir això el 14 Mar 2013

      Lo arreglamos. Muchas gracias por el aviso!

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