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A modernist evening on the Mediterranean shore

300 days of sunshine a year, 17 sandy beaches, delicious cuisine and great shopping opportunities, make of Sitges one of the top tourist destinations in the world. To all this you have to add the historical legacy of the late nineteenth century that has left architectural gems like Palau Maricel, the Cau Ferrat Museum and the houses of the “Americanos”. Although the museum is closed due to renovations, until November 26 you can see an exhibit of 150 of its pieces in the Edifici Miramar. It’s a great opportunity to see these works in a different context.

The Sitges seafront

The biggest art collections in Sitges are housed in the museums Cau Ferrat, Maricel and Romàntic. Among them, hold together over 13.000 pieces: Gothic carvings, modernist painting, wrought iron, ceramics, glass, furniture or dolls.

The cloister of the Maricel Palace

One of the terraces of the Maricel Palace

Cau Ferrat Museum

House-Museum of the old Escorxador (slaughterhouse)

The Cap de la Vila is the nerve center of Sitges. This modernist house, which the locals refer to as La casa del rellotge (The house of the clock), is one of the more distinctive buildings of the city.

Cap de la Vila

In the Avenue of Artur Carbonell and the streets of Francesc Gumà, Sant Isidre and Illa de Cuba, you can find several of what the people here call, houses of the “Americanos”. The main characteristic of these buildings is the blend of styles: neo-classicism, modernism and noucentisme.

Sitges referred as “Americanos” to those residents who came back after a successful period overseas, especially in the American continent. They build the mansions with the fortunes made.

Facade of Pere Ferreres’ house, one of the Americanos

If you are spending time in Sitges, taking on a cultural tour, is worth a summer afternoon. This website offers different itineraries: www.agisitges.com


  1. Juan María Llopis (Català) va dir això el 28 Aug 2012

    No conocía esta faceta arquitectónica de Sitges. Siempre me había limitado a la playa y las tiendas. Agradecido por la sugerencia.

  2. Sitges (Català) va dir això el 18 Oct 2012

    Buenas tardes, yo recomiendo la ruta de los Americanos de Sitges que nos adentra al S.XIX cuándo muchos jóvenes sitgetanos partieron a las Antillas con el sueño de hacerse ricos. Muchos lo consiguieron y regresaron a Sitges formando la nueva burguesía sitgetana, construyendo ostentosas mansiones y dando un empuje de prosperidad en este pueblo del Garraf.

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