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The Barcelona Pyrenees

La Molina ski resort lies between the regions of Cerdanya, Ripollès and Berguedà, which means it has one foot in the Barcelona Pyrenees. The Coll de Pal area of La Molina is in the municipality of Bagà in Berguedà and can be reached by road from Bagà. It has two ski lifts and can be skied using a ski pass from La Molina or from Alp 2500 Dues Estacions. Yet another reason to be enthusiastic about t the Barcelona-Pyrenees candidacy for the Winter Olympic Games in 2022.


Berguedà is the most northern region in the province of Barcelona. It is in inland Catalonia and features the high relief of the Pyrenean foothills, the Pyrenees and the northern plains of the Central Depression.

It can be divided into Alt Berguedà and Baix Berguedà. The northern half consists of the upper basin of the Llobregat river and the mountains of the Pyrenean foothills. It is bordered by a truly mountainous barrier, the Pyrenees, running from west to east with peaks above 2,000 m that separate Berguedà from Cerdanya. Nature lovers will feel very much at home in the mountains of Cadí, Moixeró, Puigllançada, Pedraforca and other protected natural areas that allow you to get close to nature either on your own or with a specialised guide.

Alt Berguedà’s climate is rainy and cold, with snow on the highest slopes in winter. Snow falls in various towns in the region, such as Bagà. Here you can find the Coll de Pal area where La Molina ski resort is situated. This area can be reached in two ways: from Bagà by road and along the resort’s trails. Coll de Pal has two lifts, Sant Jordi and Comabella.

Berguedà is also known for its gastronomy and La Patum, a traditional festival in Berga, its capital. The festival is Berguedà’s quintessential symbol of identity  and was declared Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2005.