Fotos camions Fòrum
08 Jun 2012 0 comments Lídia Penelo

Do you want to become a Catalonia ambassador?

Then join of the new promotional campaign that’s being rolled out.

It is aimed at owners of trucks with trailers, buses and coaches that want to take the image of Catalonia throughout Spain and Europe stuck on the rear of their vehicles. You can register on this blog and choose the photo, the language of the slogan, as well as the territory you plan on driving through. To facilitate the process, the ACT (Catalan Tourist Agency) will assume the cost of the printing of the image and labeling of the vehicles in four different cities: Barcelona, Girona, Lleida and Tarragona.

The campaign was launched yesterday with the first 29 ambassadors-on-wheels carrying the image of Catalonia through France, Italy, Germany, UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Portugal, Austria and Spain. During the year 2012 they will drive over 150,000 miles each month (5,200 miles/month per truck).

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