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Learn how to locate avalanche victims

In ski resorts you can do many activities, some very popular and some rather curious such as ice diving or tubbing. But few are as original as what they offer at Camp d’Arves in Tavascan.

Camp d’Arves in Tavascan is a space dedicated to the practice of searching for avalanche victims, a pivotal task for rescuers, obviously, but also very helpful for those ski and extreme sports aficionados. Especially on a year in which the heavy snowfalls have brought with them a high risk of avalanche, particularly on the off-slope areas.

 Practice at Camp d’Arves.

Inside Camp d’Arves, special devices are buried which need to be located with the assistance of an AVD (Avalanche Victim Detector). Search is timed and later is compared with the duration of the standard procedures in case of an avalanche.

Probe used to search for victims. Tavascan

The space where this activity is carried out is clearly delimited at an altitude of 2250 meters within the ski resort.

To participate and use the facilities is essential to make a reservation with the main office at the ski resort, or via phone or email. A member of Tavascan’s Ski patrol will provide the necessary information.


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