19 Dec 2011 1 comment admin

Warning: lifts in use

Who doesn’t miss waking up early, putting on your boots and skis and hitting the slopes immediately? Rest assured that it’s not far away. During this month of December, ski resorts will open their ski lifts and they’ll be waiting for you.

Kids, adults, beginners, experts, freeriders, freestylers, skiers and snowboarders, everyone has a place on the mountain. Fuel up on good food and have the energy to take advantage of the snow. The fun for all will be non-stop.

The ski resorts have everything ready: ski schools, snow parks, snow gardens and much more.
The combination of snow and sporting facilities will make this a winter to remember for years to come.


  1. Manel Tahull Borrell (Català) va dir això el 21 Dec 2011

    Demà dijous, 15,00 h. al programa Ski Neu, que presenta Manel Tahull a Punto Radio Catalunya, entrevista amb el Director de l´Agencia Catalana de Turisme, Xavier Espasa

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