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A proposal for a complete immersion in Banyoles

It all began with a dare many decades ago, when some swimmers coming from the city of Girona challenged a few friends from the Club Natació Banyoles, to swim the Banyoles Lake, end to end. That resulted in the now famous Travessia de l’estany, which this year celebrates its 69th edition.

Every year the number of participants grew surpassing the 2,300 mark last summer. Today, it is one of the most popular races. All swimming clubs based in Catalonia and southern France send their swimmers. This edition will take place on September 16.

The viewpoint of the lake

Lake Banyoles helps the town of Banyoles to become a hub for sports fans. Local governing entities have guaranteed to support the necessary logistics to practice sports such as rowing, canoeing, swimming, triathlon, horse riding, hiking, basketball, football and extreme sports at a professional level.

Rowers on the lake.  Xavier Crehuet

Tirona the boat

After a two-year and two months break, this summer Banyoles has recovered the recreational boat that navigates the Lake waters. It is managed by the company, Naviliera Les Goges.

Tirona the boat on waters of the Banyoles Lake

On the east bank of the lake there are twenty pesqueras, mid-nineteenth-century buildings, that are considered a cultural asset of National interest. These small buildings were originally used by fisherman. Now some are used to keep boats stored as well.

Much more than a lake

With a perimeter of 6,650 meters and an average of 15 meters of depth, the Banyoles Lake dates back more than 250,000 years. It is a magnificent example of the exquisite taste of Mother Nature. However, there is more in this area than water and beauty. The neighbor city of Banyoles competes also to become a favorite tourist destination. You can visit the old town feeling the impact of history. Make sure you check out the church of Santa Maria dels Turers, the Monastery of Sant Esteve, the city wall and the Plaza Major.

The Archaeological Museum Pia Almoina

Plaça Major in Banyoles

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