Mostra internacional de focs artificials de Tarragona
04 Jul 2012 0 comments Lídia Penelo

Proposals for the weekend

In order to know other cultures and to strengthen bonds of coexistence between people, the Quetzal Foundation and the Group de Dansa Oriental organize the Festa de la Diversitat.  It will be this Saturday and Sunday on the streets of the town of Piera. Stalls with food from around the world will fill the streets. There will be also a play center where ethnic and cultural activities will be organized. Good fun for the whole family.

Another kind of celebration can be found in the small town of Avià, where every second weekend of July they organize the “Festa del Segar i el Batre” (Reaping and threshing). This event aims to act as a reminder of the tradition of gathering the crop and as homage to the farmers who work the fields. It will be held at the Era de Santamaria. The celebration also includes a gathering of “puntaires”, a concert of traditional music, a display of old farming tools and local handicraft exhibitions, among other things.

If you fancy a more musical celebration you can go to the town of Sant Feliu de Pallerols where there will be a sixties revival. A bunch of bands will be playing songs from that decade and, there is also scheduled a communal dinner. Surely you will meet lots of people willing to have some good fun.

If you are in Tarragona this Saturday, you may want to look in the sky at dusk. There will be a fireworks display, called “mostra internacional de focs artificials”. Great opportunity to enjoy a summer night out.

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