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The dogs, protagonists in the Pyrenees

This coming weekend (March 9-10), over 100 mushers will compete in Spain’s dogsled Championship in Baqueira Beret. Events like this one and Pirena –another important Pyrenees dogsled race– help promote the beautiful landscapes of the Pyrenees and mushing, an emerging sport that can be seen more and more around the Catalan Pyrenees.


The competition begins promptly at 9 am on Saturday in Pla de Beret, where all the races will be held in both: open class (with mixed breed dogs) and Nordic class (with purebred Nordic race dogs).

If the experience of mushing seduces you, there are several companies in Catalonia that offer the possibility to explore the Pyrenees on a sled dog. The most common option available is a twelve-dog sled with a musher-guide, which accommodates three adults or two adults and two kids.

Montgarri Outdoor.

For the most adventurous some companies offer the possibility to be the musher of your own dogsled with only four dogs, but with an instructor riding alongside on a snowmobile.

The trips can be done during the day or at night, and each company has its own itineraries laid out.

 Montgarri Outdoor.

This sport is based on the utmost respect for animals. If necessary, the musher and those riding on the sled must step off to help the dogs overcome an obstacle. Among the activities, there are often tips on how to take care of the dogs, something that kids are always keen on doing.

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