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The snow of the ski resorts on your computer and mobile phone

Although, all ski resorts have a contact phone number to access useful information about the slopes, the quality and the amount of snow and the weather forecast, nowadays skiers can access the same information online thanks to the dominance of Internet.

Proof of Internet’s omnipresence is Google’s inclusion in their Street View service of the major ski resorts in the world, among which you can find three Catalan ski resorts (Baqueira Beret, La Molina and Boi Taüll Resort). So now you can go to the mountain without the cold and enjoy 360-degree views equipped with just a mouse.

35 Slope. Volta del Tuc. Boí Taüll Resort.

This new service complements another one provided on the ski resorts websites: the live streaming from cameras scattered around the slopes. It is an easy way to check the state of the slopes and the weather from the comfort of your own home or hotel room.

Baqueira Beret.

Furthermore, you no longer need to go through the ticket offices to get your ski pass. Ski resorts sell it on their website where you can also renew it on a daily basis if you decide to repeat the experience. All info is available online including nearby hotels, how to get there and a guide to other activities for those who prefer not to ski.

The ski resorts in your mobile

La Molina was the first Catalan ski resort, which developed its own mobile application. In late November, Baqueira Beret became the second ski resort to release one. Both offer the same useful information you can access on their websites, but also incorporate other services such as finding your position within the ski resort in case you get lost or a quick access to emergency calls in case of an accident. And the best of all… this Apps are free!

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