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09 Jul 2012 0 comments Lídia Penelo

Instagram loves Catalunya

Instagram, the photo-sharing program that allows you to take pictures and apply filters and other effects, has thousands of fans around the globe. It is without a doubt a great tool to raise awareness of memorable places and unforgettable moments. Therefore, the Agència Catalana de Turisme (Catalan Tourism Office) has organized a contest that will reward the best instagramers that help capture Catalonia with their snapshots.

It is open to participants around the world and you can send any picture taken in Catalonia tagged with the hashtag #catalunyaexperience.

Contest ends September 2. Winning pictures will be exhibited at Palau Robert in Barcelona starting October 5.

You can find the rules here:

Some @catalunyaexperience images on Instagram:

Caption: Barcelona’s shore, el Congost de Mont-rebei, the Delta de l’Ebre and Alella

Pictures taken by Instagram users: @kainxs @timbrado @chrisozer @hebertschroer

Caption: A snapshot of Empordà

Picture from @catalunyaexperience on Instagram

Caption: Empordà, Miravet, Pals and Tortosa

Pictures taken by Instagram users: @ria @martaar @julioestrela @timbrad

Caption: Flying in Àger

Picture from @catalunyaexperience on Instagram

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