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Snapshots of a historic season

The downside was that back in January, some ski resorts had to close down the slopes due to the risk of avalanche. Crews worked around the clock to restore access and provide the necessary safety environment for skiers.

Picture of Port Ainé

January had few days without snowfall. As a result, the Catalan Pyrenees became a postcard. Many photos perpetuating such beautiful scenery, have traveled through social networks, and many ski resorts encouraged skiers to immortalize such beauty.

Picture of La Vall de Núria

In Baqueira Beret, for instance, they recorded 36 feet of snow on their 1800 meter mark in early February, a total record.

Picture of Baqueira Beret

Snow machines, vital in recent years, have barely been used this season, which will be extended beyond Easter Week.

Picture of La Molina

If you have yet to come up to the Pyrenees. There’s still time!

Main photo, courtesy of Boí Taüll. All photos were provided by the featured ski resorts.


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