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Heliski: Powder snow is waiting…

Surely most skiers have a recurrent dream: Descending a deserted mountain coated with powder snow. Now you can reach for it, here in Catalonia, thanks to heliski, an extreme sport that consists of flying by helicopter to inhospitable heights and then go downhill through a landscape of unparalleled beauty.

Heliski was first attempted back in the mid-twentieth century, but it wasn’t until the sixties when it became popular, specifically in Canada, the birthplace of this sport. Then it spread rapidly worldwide reaching Catalonia as well, in particular Vielha, thanks to the firm Pyrenees Heliski.

Heliski allows you to go downhill on powder snow slopes. Pyrenees Heliski.

The depth of powder snow makes it necessary to use wider skis and longer snowboards. Pyrenees Heliski rents them if needed. Bringing ski boots and suitable clothing are your responsibility.

Helicopters have a capacity of four skiers at a time. Once on top of the mountain, each group of four will form an inseparable team commanded by an experienced instructor. For larger groups helicopters will make several trips to transport up to a maximum of twenty people, which will be divided in teams of four with their respective instructor.

A group of skiers. Pyrenees Heliski.

Heliski is a form of off-slope ski. That’s why safety measures are paramount. Instructors cannot be passed, simply because he or she is more familiar with the area. As a precaution, each instructor carries a radio, a satellite phone, and an AVD (Avalanche Victim Detector), and an airbag-backpack with shovel. The latter provided to each skier as well.

Pyrenees Heliski covers an area that reaches over 154 square miles between 1500 and 3000 meters above sea level without any restriction or set points. Like we said: The dream of every experienced skier. Now you can make it happen in Catalonia.


  1. Francisco Dentista (Català) va dir això el 15 Jan 2013

    Una experiencia muy excitante para los amantes del esquí y el riesgo, un punto de vista diferente de la nieve.
    Me gusta.

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