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Practical guide to cross-country skiing

If you want to find out more about cross-country skiing, its benefits, when to start learning and how to do it, Octavi Galcerán, head of the Cross-Country Skiing Committee of the Catalan Winter Sports Federation can provide you with the keys.

Octavi ensures us that “cross-country skiing is an activity that is suitable for all ages. Children can start learning when they are three of four, depending on the child, and the activity can be pursued for many, many years”.

Skiers in the middle of a training session at the resort in Tavascan.

“Cross-country skiing has clear health benefits”, he says, “because by doing this modality of the sport –one of the most all-round sports that exist next to swimming– we exercise all of the muscles in the body”.

“Depending on your age, you can go quicker or slower, but if your body is used to it you can cover many miles of circuit. In fact, long distance skiing races can be as long as 60 miles”.

Cross-country skiing, in addition to improving your cardiovascular health, lets you enjoy spectacular countryside, like at the Virós Vallferrera resort.

Octavi also states that “it is one of the few sports for the whole family because the cross-country circuits are usually in woody and mountainous areas without the pressure of the masses of skiers doing downhill skiing, for example”.

Children can start learning cross-country skiing at cross-country skiing resorts like Aransa, whose slopes are gentler.

He makes clear recommendations regarding cross-country skiing: “always start with a qualified monitor at any of the Catalan resorts or via one of our region’s many ski clubs. Technique is vital in this sport and good learning makes for fast progress”.

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