Glòria Serra
06 Jun 2012 1 comment Lídia Penelo

“I recommend places that do not make the front pages of the guides”

Journalist Glòria Serra (Barcelona, 1964) has worked in radio and television since 1987. Although she’s been a news junkie all her life, occasionally she does have some free time. When she does, she tries not miss a concert, exhibition or any other event that is worth exploring. That’s why she is lending us a hand to get to know more about what’s going on in Catalonia.

Where is easier to find you on your free time: in a concert, at an exhibition or visiting some architectural gem?

It depends on the season. If it’s winter, most likely I’ll go to an exhibition, or to see a play, or even attend a concert. When the nice weather comes, I rather spend more time outdoors. Enjoying architecture could be a perfect excuse to do precisely that. Everything with a story behind intrigues me. Be it a town where some strange or fascinating events took place a long time ago or the truth about why some monuments were commissioned. I simply like stories.

What do you most value in Catalan culture?

The variety, and the fact that it’s so widespread throughout the country. It’s almost impossible not to find a town In Catalonia with an historical building or the legacy of some distinguished neighbor.

What would you recommend to those who aspire to go beyond the visit to the Sagrada Familia to know our culture?

 Well, I’d say to go to places which never make it to the front pages of the guides. Places like Santes Creus, Poblet, or the area of Pallars, where there are some amazing little towns. To those who aren’t yet familiar with Catalonia I’d recommend playing the B-side of the LP, they’ll be very surprised to discover very interesting places…far from the crowds.

What spots do you keep visiting again and again?

The Cistercian Route, for its architectural beauty and how it integrates with the landscape. Also I like to stay connected to Montblanc, the Vall of Boí and the many Romanesque churches. I like those places that mix landscapes, monuments, people and food. Speaking of which, our cuisine is definitely an added value to cultural tourism in Catalonia.

What do you do to keep up with the cultural scene?

I read many newspapers every day. I don’t skip the arts and culture sections, on the contrary. I get most of my information there. They may write about the purchasing and restoration of a specific art piece, then I’m curious to go and see it. I’m not into buying specialized magazines.

Is there an exhibition, a book or a musical that has interested you lately?

 I just started reading “Jo confesso” by Jaume Cabré. So far, I’m not disappointed. I’ve also liked “Agosto”, the play. It’s a luxury to be able to enjoy the work of those actors, the director and the stage of the Teatre Nacional. Also, the exhibit at the Fundació Miró touched me because it helps understand the work of Joan Miró.

Do you have a hidden artistic side you would like to share with us?

 Well, I’d say writing. I write things in different languages. I write awful poems in French. So, I make sure that they stay…hidden.


  1. carme corbella (Català) va dir això el 07 Jun 2012

    Bona tarda Gloria:
    Estic d’acord amb el comentari que fas de la ruta del Cister, jo estiuejo per all`i es realment bonic !!!
    Aprofito per convitdar-te a venir a la nostra instal.lació esportiva de sta Coloma de Farners.
    Si mires la web veuras les fotos i diferents activitats que fem.
    Carme Corbella

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