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29 Jun 2012 1 comment Lídia Penelo

Gabino Diego: “I like the Catalan sense of humor”

Actor Gabino Diego (Madrid 1966) does film, theater and television, but it is in comedy where he finds himself in his element. A regular on the Catalan stage, Gabino Diego loves laughing at absurd situations, eating a good meal and spend quality time with his friends.

Success seems to follow you almost every time you work in Barcelona.

Audiences in Barcelona are very sensible and understanding, and very kind to me. And I mean it. When I perform in Catalonia I usually get pretty good reviews, except for “El apagón”. But I get it. Theater critics in Catalonia have very good taste, however, if they don’t like what you do, you better start packing.

What do you think of the theater plays Barcelona has to offer?

Very diverse. Always with plays you don’t see in the rest of Spain. Argentinean plays for instance. There is plenty of choices to make.

You lived in Catalonia. What places are you most fond of?

I moved around a lot, but there are places that are special due to the experiences I had. My daughter lives in the town of Terrassa. It is a very nice place to live. If we talk about Barcelona, I’d say I have a special relationship with the Plaza Mayor in the neighborhood of Sarrià. That’s where I picked her up from school. I love the Zurich bar, the Jazz Cava in Terrassa, and the town of Castelldefels where I have a friend who owns a gym. Sometimes I stay in his place.

Between performances you like to enjoy the local cuisine. What are your favorites dishes?

I love the oriental restaurants in Barcelona, and traditional Catalan cuisine. I would never say no to a grilled rabbit, to a plate of ribs with all i oli (garlic mayonnaise), and a good dish with artichokes.

How did you learn to laugh at yourself?

I don’t know if that is something you learn. But when you experience a streak of misfortunes laughing is the only thing you have left to avoid going insane. In my school days, I wasn’t suspended for my behavior. I simply failed everything. Those who failed all the time, we stuck together. So, we started laughing at the absurdity of the school’s grading system. I’ve always loved to make fun of the absurd situations. I like the Catalan sense of humor because it has something peculiar.

After “El apagón”, what is next for you in Barcelona?

I hope to return with a new one-man show in the style of “una noche con Gabino” (a night with Gabino).


  1. Lluís (Català) va dir això el 21 Aug 2012

    Mentres llegia les frases atenent a la seua història escolar, recorde que quan jo tenia uns 20 anys, hi hagué una companya d’institut que va suspendre moltes assignatures i que tenia bon sentit de l’humor. Puc assegurar, amb el cor en la mà, que si fóra empresari i em trobara amb un candidat així, el triaria. ¿El motiu? Es tractaria, possiblement, d’una persona amb molta creativitat, de pensament obert i potser més efectiva que altres persones.

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