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The most spectacular Freestyle gathers in Vall de Núria

Several children competitions are held in some Catalan ski resorts (La Molina, Masella and Espot Esquí) while the spectacle of slopestyle will be Vall de Núria’s main attraction.

If you enjoy watching jumps and spins, you should probably go to Vall de Núria this Saturday. Why? Because the second edition of ‘Ferrocarril’ is being held there. It is a slopestyle competition, the most spectacular version of Freestyle skiing, in which participants perform tricks and jumps while skiing downhill over rails and boxes. All snowboarders and freestyle skiers are welcome to participate.

A participant of the first ‘Ferrocarril’ competition. OPPARKS.

Children’s Competitions

From Friday to Sunday, La Molina ski resort will host the first stage of the junior Spanish Cup competition. Many high-level participants are expected. In addition, on Saturday La Molina will hold the XVI Pista-Pista, a competition for kids under 13 with about 350 participants.

Also this weekend, Masella Ski resort will be hosting the VIII Gran Premio Cerdanya, a race for kids under 15, which counts towards scores in the Catalan League. It is expected that over 150 skiers will show up.

Meanwhile, in Espot Esquí will take place the season’s first race, the Catalan Interclubs competition – the VIII Espot Esquí Throphy–. It will be during the weekend of January 12 and 13, in Slalom and Giant Slalom disciplines, and will include skiers from all categories except those aged under-13. Precisely, the kids under-13 have their own competition: The IX Floquet de Neu Trophy, that will kick off the “Audi Quattro Cup”  Catalan League of alpine ski. It’ll be this Saturday.

Children’s Competition. Espot Esquí.

Night outing with snowshoes

On Saturday, astronomy buffs can come at the cross-country ski resort of Bosc de Virós, which organizes a snowshoes excursion with a quiz game on constellations and stars.

Equipment testing in Baqueira Beret

During the mornings of this weekend, ski brands Blizzard, Nordica and Scott will make available to skiers of Baqueira Beret, new season’s equipment. Each brand will set up a tent at the 1800 level, which will provide information and advise on the equipment at hand.

The main picture is courtesy of OPPARKS, organizers of the ‘Ferrocarril’ competition.

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