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Are you ready for the starting of the snow season?

For days, we had our fingers crossed while we watched the weather report. Temperatures were low, but conditions weren’t yet ideal for snow. Until now.This is good news for the Catalan ski resorts, which now are open for business!Ok, it’s fair to say that snow machines are partially to blame, but who cares if we can go downhill on a snowy slope, right?

This past weekend we already had the chance to enjoy the first descents. We skied all day. Did not even stop for lunch. Instead we grabbed a quick breakfast at the cafeteria, enough to get us running throughout the day. This four-day holiday weekend looks promising. Slopes covered in snow…

 The first descents of the season in Baqueira Beret

The ski resorts of Masella, Baqueira Beret, La Molina, Port del Comte and Vall de Núria opened last weekend. Ski Pallars (Espot Skiing, Port Ainé and Tavascan), Boí Taüll Resort and Vallter 2000 are scheduled to open this Thursday.

The remaining resorts will be partially open. In Bosc de Viròs, the shelter is open and you can play almost any mountain sport. However the cross-country ski track is not yet traced. In Sant Joan de l’Erm only the beginners area will be open to the public. In Guils Fontanera are still waiting for better weather conditions. Snowfall is in the forecast, so it should not take them too long to open. The cross-country ski resort of Aransa has opened its snowshoe tracks and strolling areas. The same applies to Lles and Tuixent-La Vansa, two cross-country ski resorts.


Thrilling descents

 The Catalan ski resorts have readied their facilities so the descents can be thrilling even for the most inexperienced skier. They are all ready to accommodate anybody. If you are still debating whether or not to go, maybe knowing that there are interesting discounts on the ski pass may help tip the scale…

Have you polished your skis? Because winter season is open… here, in Catalonia.

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