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Ski resorts… Ready, set and go!

Although ski season has already begun, the ski resorts have been preparing for months to be able to offer the best possible conditions to skiers. Latest snowfall has been key to allow the beginning in full swing of this winter season. Some lucky skiers have already enjoyed the first descents.

Snow isn’t scarce this season. However that has not stopped ski resorts to improve their snow machines system in order to prepare for the unexpected: uncooperative weather. La Molina ski resort for instance, has covered the slope named La Genciana with artificial snow, and its machines reach an impressive 17-mile stretch of slopes.

The ski resorts of Espot Esquí, Port Ainé and Tavascan have implemented its own snow machine system designed to minimize impact on the environment, and obviously to ensure that skiers can enjoy a thrilling descent throughout the season.

Together with the protection of the environment, safety is a big concern of ski resorts managers. Three of the resorts, Baqueira Beret, Masella and Vall de Núria have invested in improvements to better signaling and adapting the slopes to reduce the number of accidents. At the cross-country ski resort of Sant Joan de l’Erm the area called La Cunya-Roca Senyada has been turned into a track.

This season some ski resorts have better access. Such is the case of Boi Taüll, thanks to the paving of the road that connects the resort with Pla de l’Ermita; Guils Fontanera where work has been done on the access from the village of Guils, the same occurs with Vallter 2000 where they are also premiering a new corporate logo and a snow-park.

The main novelty of the stations operated by FGC (La Molina, Vall de Núria, Espot, Port Aine, Vallter and Tavascan), is the new ski pass that allows people to use all resorts managed by the company and benefit from discounts of many activities.

Since skiing is a sport that heavily relies upon weather conditions, the ski resorts are aware that access to information can only benefit the skier. Hence the renewed websites and improved mobile Apps, which provide detailed information regarding weather forecast and the state of the slopes. Internet and ski have never been so close.

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