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Cross-country skiing: an all-round sport and nature

It’s possible to do snow sports and enjoy nature at its purest if you decide to do cross-country skiing, which has grown in popularity in recent years. These resorts are ideal for families as the gradients are gentle and are therefore suitable for the younger family members and ideal to start learning to ski. The trails are safe and offer fantastic views, and the trails of the Catalan Pyrenees are right near you.

Cross-country skiing is one of the best all-round sports that exist, together with swimming. It has many other advantages and benefits if you decide to take it up:

• It enhances muscular tone and improves coordination and balance.

• It exercises the cardiovascular system and improves stamina and heart rate.

• Your joints are not at risk of injury because it is a low impact sport.

• The material of the equipment is lighter than for downhill skiing.

• It’s not difficult. With 15 hours of classes you can learn to hold your own and ski.

• You can ski through quiet areas with unspoiled wild countryside.

• You can do it alone or with the family since cross-country skiing resorts offer the chance for children to learn to ski with no risk of danger.

A cross-country skier at the Aransa resort which has signposted circuits through black pine forests (Photo: Tot Nòrdic)

The Guils Fontanera resort offers up to 45 km of trails and 25 circuits (Photo: Tot Nòrdic)

The beautiful scenery at the Lles resort combine black pine forests with privileged views over the Cadí mountain range and the Cerdanya valley (Photo: Tot Nòrdic)

e Sant Joan de l’Erm trails, at between 1,700 and 2,000 metres, make up Catalonia’s most extensive cross-country skiing area (Photo: Tot Nòrdic)

Where you can do it

In the Catalan Pyrenees there are six cross-country skiing resorts: Aransa, Guils Fontanera, Lles, Sant Joan de l’Erm, Tuixent-La Vansa and Virós Vallferrera. In addition, there are between 23 and 40 km of ski circuits as well as snowshoe routes (between 7 and 15 km) in which to enjoy the spectacular surrounding countryside.

Situated in the Alt Pirineu Natural Park, Virós Vallferrera offers different circuits that crisscross a forest of great natural beauty with fantastic landscapes (Photo: Tot Nòrdic)

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*The cover photo is of the Tuixent-La Vansa resort (Photo: Tot Nòrdic)

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