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Snowboarding is closely related to other board sports like surfing or skateboarding. It began in the United States during the 1960′s as a new option among winter sports. Throughout the 1970′s, a group of pioneers built boards and slowly but surely the popularity of snowboarding grew until it became a widely practiced sport in all winter sports’ establishments around the world.

The first to try snowboarding were surfers and skateboarders, as the sports are similar: both feet are on the board, in a forward flexed position, turning involves using the weight of the body when rotating the shoulders and balance is maintained constantly. It is a sport that can be learned quickly and then easily improved so you can become a good snowboarder quite quickly.

This sport is dominated by the youngest and most successful in winter sports. Competition styles depend on the type of equipment used. The most widely recognisable styles are soft boot, half-pipe, big air and slopestyle. The hard boot is used for the parallel giant slalom and parallel slalom. Last season (2010-2011) La Molina resort hosted the Snowboard World Championships. The event was a complete organisational success and showed that the Catalan Pyrenees are ready to meet the biggest sporting challenges.