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Take a souvenir from Catalonia at L’Illa Diagonal

Want to be in six different gorgeous places at the same time? Now you can do that until November 24, at L’Illa Diagonal shopping center. It’s quite simple.  You just have to find the Catalonia’s Tourist Information point and pose before a green screen. Six different spectacular landscapes can be added afterwards to your picture, which by the way, you can download from this blog.

In addition to the photo, you can find offers to visit the real places and enjoy hiking, weekend ski trips and other experiences.

Tourist Information Point of Catalonia at L’Illa Diagonal

You can also participate in some of the activities planned for these days like wine tasting and workshops for children.

Wine tasting, an activity to promote tourism in Catalonia at L’Illa Diagonal

But, if what you really want to take with you from Catalonia is the real experience and not just a single photo, we encourage you to check magradacompartir.catalunya.com/clubexperience. It is a site where you will find offers from over 200 companies, who responded to the call made by the Catalan Tourism Agency to promote tourism in Catalonia. They made available to everyone interested, discounts and special rates for all sorts of trips and experiences for the fall and winter seasons: Food festivals, wine tastings, romantic getaways, rural hotels, golf weekends, balloon flights, horse riding, spas, mountain bike routes, snowshoe tours and cultural events. You have time to make your reservation until 15 December.

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