Cala Calitjàs (Roses)
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Spell by the sea

In the summer, it is usual to go cove hunting, trying to find the less crowded, and prettier spot. On the Catlan coast, there isn’t a lack of beautiful places. The challenge is to enjoy them solo.

We wanted to give you some suggestions. There are many, of course. But due to the limited space we have we made a selection.

Cala Calitjàs (Roses)

Located just 14 km from the town of Roses, this cove sits between the coves of Pelosa and Montjoi. It is surrounded by cliffs and contains clear and deep waters. To access it, you must follow the coastal road that leads to the cove of Jòncols.

Cala Estreta (Palamós)

As its name in Catalan indicates, it is a narrow strip of coarse-grained sand with a rock wall behind. You can find it, north of the beach of Castell just before reaching the town of Calella de Palfrugell.

It has a fishing shack of great historical value, with an unusual vaulted ceiling called bóveda de cañón covered with tiles, holding over stonewalls held together with lime mortar.

To access the cove, you have to leave the car in the Castell beach parking lot, and then take the path next to it. You can reach the cove in half hour.

Cala Estreta

Cala Bona (Tossa de Mar)

Located between the town of Tossa de Mar and Cala Pola, this small and rocky cove enters from the sea about 75 meters inland. Not your ideal sunbathing location as it virtually has no sand. Access by foot is difficult. Those who venture in there, mostly arrive by boat.

Cala Bona

Cala Sa Forcanera (Blanes)

You can find this cove between the beaches of Santa Anna and San Francesc in the town of Blanes, right under a cliff and the Marimurtra botanical garden. Obviously it’s accessible only by boat.

Cala Sa Forcanera

Punta del Fangar Beach (Deltebre)

Its geographical characteristics, make the Punta del Fangar beach a very unique piece of land with mobile and static dunes mixed together. On very hot days, you can even see mirages. From the viewpoint there is a beautiful sight of a bay that serves as a mussel farming area. You can get to the cave from the beach of La Marquesa, taking a marked sand track.

Lighthouse on the Point Fangar Beach

Photographs of the cove of Calitjàs (featured picture) cove of Estreta, cove Bona and cove Sa Forcanera are provided by the Costa Brava Girona Tourism Board.


  1. molina villadiego (Català) va dir això el 25 Aug 2012

    Ke sitios mas lindos seria muy rico ir a pasear

  2. molina villadiego (Català) va dir això el 25 Aug 2012

    K sitios ms lindos seria muy rico ir a pasear

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