Susanna Griso
18 Jun 2012 1 comment Lídia Penelo

Susanna Griso: “In Empordà you find everything”

Journalist Susanna Griso (Barcelona, 1969) has made of television her natural habitat. She’s been in front of the cameras since 1993. Her spontaneity and meticulous approach to news have earned her many awards, probably the most popular being the Ondas for best TV presenter in 2010. Every morning she is the face of Antena 3, a Madrid based television, but on weekends, the perfect time to charge batteries, she stays in Catalonia.

During your vacation period, what places do you like to visit in Catalonia?

Definitely the counties of Empordà and Cerdanya. But above all, I’d say Empordà. I have everything I need there: Culture, great food, beautiful countryside and the ocean. See, I live in Madrid and if I am going away I want to see the sea. People in Madrid have been going to the Valencia area for ages. Catalonia is the great unknown.

What do you think about the quality of current offer of lodging for rural tourism lovers?

It’s great. I’m a regular visitor with both friends and family. Perfect getaway destination, especially if it’s a big group of people. See, I’m the youngest of seven siblings. When we all get together, rural tourism hotels are a great choice. Very convenient and comfortable. You also can cook your own food. We usually like to prepare paellas, barbecues and “calçotadas”.

What’s the deciding factor when choosing a destination?

Well, it must have a very diverse and complete offer of cultural and sports events. I also value the fact that is not a crowded destination. I’m not fond of “just sun and beach” tourism. I rather head to the mountain to charge batteries in the summer. That’s why I chose Cerdanya.

What are the best activities to do with children ?

In Empordà I like to take them to the wetlands, to the Dalí museum, to the old town of Empúries or pay a visit to the medieval villages. You can’t get enough of Empordà. There are always things to do.

Do you practice any outdoor sports?

I like jogging, hiking and sailing. We often rent a boat on the Costa Brava.

What areas of Catalonia are you curious to visit?

I’d say the Delta del Ebro. I was there a few years back, but I would not mind to revisit and get familiarized with it. It’s just a matter of finding the time, I guess.

Tell us your dream vacation.

A bit of everything: Relax, read, play sports every day, good food, and also discover new things. I like a little surprise every now and then. For the most part, I prefer to combine adventure trips with visits to more traditional destinations where you know exactly where you have to go.


  1. Maria Moiz (Català) va dir això el 20 Jun 2012

    Soy muy fan de Susanna Griso. Buena entrevista. Iremos al Empordà a ver los aiguamolls que recomiendas!!!!!
    Una abraçada Susanna!

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