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This Sunday, rice from Delta de l’Ebre

Come September it’s the time to reap the rice in the Delta de l’Ebre. Sometimes the reaping season lasts until mid-October.  A great opportunity taken by several counties around the area, among them Deltebre and Ampolla, to promote the area and one of its trademark products: rice.

For more than a decade, they have organized a reaping festival to preserve the old ways, which required cutting by hand.  It wasn’t until the early 60’s, when the first machines were introduced in the area.  The mechanization of the harvest brought significant socioeconomic changes, like the modification of migration patterns. Large amounts of manpower weren’t needed any more and it was not required for those rice growers to live next to the rice field.

Demonstration of how to separate wheat from the chaff during the reaping festival in the town of Ampolla

This reaping festival coincides with the start of the harvest of rice and in the case of Deltebre o Ampolla with the beginning of a two-week gastronomical celebration focused on their star product: rice, of course. Until Sunday the 30th, eight restaurants of the county will offer a 24 € menu based on local rice recipes.

Click here if you want to find out more about the participating restaurants in the town of Ampolla. Remember, just on Sunday.

Last year’s edition of “arroz de caldo” day

If you cannot get away this weekend, you have another chance on October 14. L’Ampolla celebrates the “arroz de caldo” day. That’s what the sailors ate back in the day when they had to go out fishing. It’s basically a broth, made with potato and fish together. The broth is then used to cook the rice.

Tasting of different varieties of rice during the reaping festival of l’Ampolla

Delta de l’Ebre is the area of Catalonia with more tradition in the production of rice. The rice growing area is formed by the fields located in Amposta, Camarles, Deltebre, l’Aldea, l’Ampolla, Sant Carles de la Rapita and Sant Jaume d’Enveja and comes with a guarantee of origin D.O.

There are six authorized varieties of rice: bahía, bomba, montsianell, senia y tebre. Rice grown in a specific protected area is sold exclusively in the extra category and varieties cannot be mixed with one another.

All bags or boxes of rice are clearly identified with the name “Arròs del Delta de l’Ebre. Denominació d’Origen Protegida”.

For more information:

Cooperativa d’Arrossaires del Delta de l’Ebre

Càmera arrossera del Montsià


  1. Anna Mastinez Solsona (Català) va dir això el 28 Sep 2012

    Com m`agrada l`arros em totes les sevas formas i recetaris,i aixi com ha passat am la segada del arros ha passat en tantas industrias,que es veritat,porten molta repidessa per arrivà a les mans del consumidò,pero no es lo mateix,es feian festes,arrivan gents de tot arreu per poguer alegrarse am els balls populars i degustan els diversos plats qu`es fan allvors.Es que tè tot un altre gust.Tè el gust de la mà de l`home.

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