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Enjoy the Snowparks and try new tricks

Snowboarding is a popular sport in Catalonia as evidenced by the proliferation of new Snowparks. Right now there are nine ski resorts in the Catalan Pyrenees that have exclusive areas for snowboarders. A great deal of places where they can show their skill.

Like any sport, snowboarding requires that you take it easy. You must go step by step and stay away from attempting complex moves on your second day, mainly because you will spend your first day mostly on the ground. The good news is that once you have mastered the basics, the sky is the limit.

When you control the most essential tricks –Nose rolls, tail rolls, ollies, flips, grabs, spins and stalls- you are ready for any of the Snowparks equipped with handrails and funboxes. Only your imagination, skill and courage will curb your drive. Here we offer a few tips on how to slide on a handrail.

-Ollie: Slide towards the handrail at a safe speed. Right before reaching the handrail bend the legs and shift the weight to the rear of the board (tail) and lift the front (nose). With the momentum, the tail most likely will be at the nose’s same height. Please remember that upon landing on the handrail is very important to bend the knees to cushion the impact. Then, keep your back straight and the shoulders parallel to the board as you slide down the handrail.

-Tail press: Approach the handrail with a nollie (the opposite to ollie). Before hitting the handrail put pressure on the tail of the board so the nose of the board is raised in the air. You must lightly flex the back leg and stretch the front leg while sliding down the handrail. The tricky part is to keep the balance.

-Backside lipslide: Consists in sliding backwards on the board, perpendicular along the handrail. If you have problems to pass the tail over the handrail, try to raise the nose of the board as high as possible. The initial ollie will depend on the height of the railing. To do this correctly, you should shrug the shoulders.

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