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Health and wellness tourism in Catalonia

Throughout its history Catalonia has had some of the most important spa facilities in Europe. The properties of its medicinal mineral waters have attracted all kinds of tourists to Catalonia for centuries. Whether spa, seawater, relaxing, to cure or simply for drinking, water is one of the main attractions of Catalonia, the leader in spa establishments in Spain.

This natural wealth has been used to set up a wide range of premium quality health and wellness facilities. They include health resorts offering relaxation and therapeutic treatments using the medicinal mineral water that has been employed in Catalonia since Roman times, and wellness centres featuring thalassotherapy seawater beauty treatments, spas which use the water in relaxation treatments, and spa recreational centres that combine relaxation and fun.

There are also internationally recognised medical and health centres in Catalonia which deliver comprehensive care under professional medical supervision using tap water on the body as a health and beauty technique. They are called hydrotherapy centres.

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