Vall d'Aran
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Before the snow: Sports in Vall d’Aran

The summer is gone. Temperatures have dropped a few degrees. It’s nice to go out to play some sports without the oppressive heat. Before the arrival of cold and snow, we suggest to pay a visit to the Vall d’Aran to relish this beautiful area in different ways than skiing downhill. Specially the area of Baix Aran, for which we have three recommendations.

Vall d’Aran

The first is Saut deth Pish one of the favorite waterfalls for kayakers. It’s an impressive 12-meter leap, enclosed in a bucolic location. Easily accessible by car on a road that rides along the Varradòs river, which is accessed from Pont d’Arròs.

Saut deth Pish

Kayakers consider this an ideal location because the landing spot holds enough water to cushion the fall. Ideal to practice those daring jumps.

Saut deth Pish and another waterfall on top

If instead of the kayak you prefer to explore nature with less adrenaline running through your body, there is a route between Plan des Artiguetes and Saut deth Pish that isn’t too physically demanding. It can be done by foot in only 45 minutes. A walk that takes you through a wide variety of beautiful spots like the Prados de l’Artiga de Varradòs (meadows), from where you can admire La Maladeta and the Aneto, the highest peak in the Pyreneés.

For those who favor two wheels over two legs, we suggest you try to pedal up to the viewpoint of Arres. The route, would normally start from the town of Vilamòs. However, we suggest you begin from Bossòst. Yes, there is a steep 4.4-mile climb on a paved small road with an ascent gradient of 611 m and a maximum slope of 14%. But the viewpoint of Arres is worth the climb. Exit Bossòst and turn right to cross the stone bridge over the Garona river. A sign indicating the altitude of the mountain pass should be there.

Once you arrive to Arres you’ll be able to admire an unparallelled view of the Vall d’Aran, and specially of La Maladeta.

Vall d’Aran from the viewpoint of Arres

To recover from any of the three options, you can go to Bossòst and enjoy some typical dishes of the Aranese cuisine. Afterwards, if you still hold an ounce of energy, it’s worth taking a walk along the banks of the Garona river, which runs through the town. The size of the river in this stretch and its high water level make a great place to do whitewater rafting. Although perhaps is best if we leave it for the next day, after some rest.

 Church of Mair de Diu dera Purificació de Bossòst

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