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In Catalonia, ‘calçotades’ are more than just a meal

calçotada is one of the most deeply rooted culinary traditions in Catalonia. It is a winter and early spring meal consisting of calçots –grilled green onions– with Romesco sauce.

Although traditionally eating calçots has been a rural area custom to gather friends and family around a table, now, due to its popularity and fame have gone mainstream and are a fixture in every other restaurant menu.

Calçots are roasted and flipped, so are evenly cooked. When they turn black and the tip of the green onion becomes soft its time to remove them from the grill. Then, you wrap them with a newspaper to keep the warmth.


Like many other dishes of rural origin, calçots are traditionally eaten with your hands. Once served, you peel the burnt outer layers and dip the green onion in a bowl of Romesco sauce. As a second course, the calçotades includes meat grilled on embers used to prepare the calçots.

Eating calçots in Valls. Ajuntament de Valls / Pere Toda

With greasy and dirty fingers, Catalans use a glass wine jar with a long tapered spout to drink the excellent local wine. A chilled bottle of cava is brought at dessert time.

However, the main ingredient for the successful calçotadas is the company. The larger the colla (group), the merrier.

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