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Dive beneath ice without getting wet

If you deem yourself an adventurous diver you have to try ice diving. All together, a very different diving experience from you may be accustomed to at sea. For starters it’s only done –at least around here– from December to March.

Diver under the ice. Scuba 0.76.

Although hard to believe, the equipment used prevents the diver to get wet during the dive. The dry suit insulates the skin and helps maintain body heat despite the low temperature of the water (around 10 degrees Celsius).

But there is a drawback: Diving at high altitude means lower air pressure. On the other hand, however, the view is breathtaking. Sunlight distills through the ice creating a unique palette of colors and an enthralling game of lights.

Divers about to initiate the dive. Busseing Pallars.

The first known dives under ice are dated back to the early twentieth century. Although it wasn’t until the end of that century when it became more popular. Here in Catalonia there are two companies that can help set up an experience like that. One is Scuba 0.76, which organizes dives at the lakes of ski resorts La Molina and Vall de Núria. The other is Busseing Pallars, whose area of action is the county of Pallars Jussà, near the Parc Natural d’Aigüestortes.

To participate in this adventure you just need to be over 14 and have prior diving experience –certification is required–. The gear, the ins and outs and safety measures, are provided by the company.


Diver under the ice. Scuba 0.76


The main photo is a property of Busseing Pallars.

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