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Snowblade and Skiboard, two alternatives to skis and boards

If you don’t feel comfortable on a board but still want to perform the jumps you can’t do with a pair of skis on, you may want to try this new equipment, half way between the traditional skis and the snowboard.

Snowblades are, in fact, shorter skis between 34 and 43 inches long while Skiboards are symmetrical miniature snowboards you wear on each foot. Both can be used with hard ski boots and fit perfectly in the trunk. Say farewell to the ski rack and ski poles.

Rest assure you will enjoy the snow in a very different way than you’re used to. Careful though, if speed is what you are looking for. These items can be a bit unstable if you are sliding downhill too fast. But are excellent to try jumps and fairly easy to use because the technique is simpler.

The main difference between the two models is that Skiboards offer more stability, and are made under a higher quality manufacturing process. As a result, tend to be more expensive than Snowblades. Although several brands sell both models, Snowblades can be easily found in winter sports stores, while finding Skiboards is a tad more difficult and people usually purchase them online.

Inevitably, there will be supporters and naysayers about both ways of enjoying a day on the snow. However, the best way to get into the argument is by giving them a try. You dare?

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